January Museum Monday

January Museum Monday at Marshall’s

We invite you to join us for our next Museum Monday on January 18, 6:00p at Marshall’s in Grandview.  This Museum Monday will be conducted as a sort of “town meeting”.  The Columbus EMP  Board is interested in learning what you would like to gain from being a part of our group of awesome Columbus EMPs.

Is there anything Columbus EMP can improve upon?  Perhaps there’s some training or networking opportunity that you could benefit from?  Maybe you just think that we’re really fun and you’d like to come have dinner and drinks with us…?

We have plenty of ideas for our upcoming 2016 EMP calendar, and look forward to seeing you.  Come help us help you to be more awesome with your museum careers!

Monday 1/18/2016


Marshall’s Grandview: 1105 W. 1st Ave. Grandview, 43212



#NewCMA “Behind the Scenes”!

Fellow Columbus EMP’s, join us for a unique “behind the scenes” tour of the newly expanded Columbus Museum of Art!

CMA’s Assistant Registrar, Chrissy Marquardt-Wilson, has graciously offered to lead us on a tour of the new CMA collection storage area on Thursday, January 7th 2016 at 5:30p.

This EMP gathering will also include time to explore the new Margaret M. Walter Wing of the museum, at no cost!

We hope that you will join us on Thursday, January 7 2016 to celebrate the new year at the new Columbus Museum of Art!

Jingle and Mingle!

EMP invite
Please join Columbus EMPs for our annual holiday party! This year, our party will be held at the Doll Museum in Worthington. Admission is $5 and includes a tour of the museum. Afterwards, join us for pizza and beer at Pies & Pints.

And tradition continues with the $10 White Elephant. If you’d like to participate in the gift exchange, please bring something $10 or under from your gift shop. If you don’t work in a museum, please support your local non-profit this season and bring something from your favorite museum shop.

Please RSVP to the Facebook event or cbusemp@gmail.com so we have a general idea of how many to expect.

We look forward to seeing you there!

I Can Smell the Civil War From Here!

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of exploring the inner realms of the Ohio History Connection with the Columbus, Ohio, chapter of the Emerging Museum Professionals. With our hosts, Jamie Glavic and Jason Crabill, we got to see the side of the museum that most never get to see (or even know about) and explore items that have yet to be seen in an exhibit.

But first, my name is Amy Rether and I work at a slightly different type of museum, a botanical garden, as an educator. However, I definitely have a passionate chunk in my heart dedicated to human and other forms of natural history. My parents “dragged” us kids to the history museum to see the flags, the Mastodon, the mummy, and all of the other objects that I grew to love. It made a difference, ultimately, in my career choice when I started pursuing being a naturalist and a park ranger and began raving to the general public about how cool natural history is.

So, when this opportunity came up, I immediately called my mother (of course) and we joined in the fun.

MM Image 1
This is Mom checking out a Mastodon tooth. Mom’s love to be published on the internet, right?

We began in the archaeology collection area. They jokingly referred to it as the warehouse you see at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Boxes upon boxes of ancient treasure full of nuggets of information to be gleaned lined the shelves. Some said bones, some said pottery, some didn’t say much at all except numbers. There are quite a lot of things the curators are taking care of.

There was a selection of neat artifacts from our prehistoric native tribes that we were able to look at and, in a few cases, touch. Below is a picture of a Clovis point as well as some other EMP’s oohing and aahing at it. At 13,000 years old, I think this might be the oldest, human-altered, object I’ve gotten to touch. Nerd moment? Yep. Worth it? Yep.

MM Image 2 MM Image 3

We also got to see some items recently donated by a History of Flight Museum including an inflatable, Goodyear emergency airplane. These were made in case one of our flyboys got downed behind enemy lines.  We visited their accession area and the storage for their more modern objects like military, house goods, paintings. So. Much. Cool. Stuff.

One of the things that I loved looking at the most growing up was the flags. They had so many! They’ve since changed how they store them so they are no longer simply hung from the ceiling and they’re now mostly laid out in a nice cabinet where they are safe. When we got to see the Infantry (I think) flag below, we were advised to lean in and take a sniff of the cabinet. You could still smell the smoke and gun powder from the civil war. Just let that sink in for a moment: to be able to smell something that impacted our country so much (and still to this day) 150 years ago.

An Ohio military flag from the Civil War
An Ohio military flag from the Civil War

The Ohio History Connection has an amazing collection of clothing from over the years including the dresses from Ohio’s own, 1963 Miss America, Jackie Mayer. They have many quilts as well that I think would make a great exhibit at some point (hint, hint). They’re very excited to be getting some new cases to help protect their treasures. We’re lucky to have folks that care so much about our historical artifacts.

By the way, that was just one area.  Below is from a selection of my photos from the natural history portion and this is the stuff that gets me really pumped up. We got to see bones, eggs, rocks, taxidermies, insect mounts and more.

MM Image 5

People from a long time ago really liked to collect eggs. Why would that be valuable? If it weren’t for collections like these, we may never have found out why DDT was being such a detriment to the American Bald Eagle. Scientists were able to compare shell thicknesses of eggs from the 1960’s to egg shells from collections like this one.

MM Image 5a

It is not uncommon for museums, like Ohio History Connection, to have cattle bones so they and others can compare them to bones that look like they may be human or dinosaur. Ohio has A LOT of cattle ones lying around. Folks get confused sometimes.

MM Image 6

Not the best photo but you can kind of see the difference between the jaws of the two creatures. A Mammoth tooth, which we were able to view, is…well…mammoth. You could build muscle curling one of those.

MM Image 7

This is a drawer full of Galena, a type of stone. This is where lead comes from.

MM Image 8

Humphrey the Turkey Vulture and I feel you should come out and see the Ohio History Connection the next time you’re in the Columbus, Ohio, vicinity. There’s always something old….er….new to see. They also have the Ohio Village (which is living history). Actually, check in your local area. They may have a site that is around the corner like the Custer Monument Historic Site or Fort Ancient Earthworks and Nature Preserve. So much history, so little time!

My First InstaMeet #gggone

November 1st was Natural History Day, it was also the day of an InstaMeet for the Ohio History Connection‘s exhibit Going, Going, Gone? Endangered and Extinct Species. 

Being a social media novice it this was my first InstaMeet and I was not entirely sure what an InstaMeet actually was. Thanks to the help of our EMP President, and Ohio History Connection’s Online Marketing Coordinator Jamie Glavic, here is what I found out.

An InstaMeet is where a group gathers together to make posts to their Instagram accounts about a certain topic. Before starting the  tour of Going, Going, Gone? we were given the specific hashtags to use to label the pictures, in this case #gggone for the exhibit, and also #naturalhistoryday.

Throughout the tour group members would stop to take a picture. Maybe one person would take a picture of Buttons, who was one of the last passenger pigeons, while another was taking a picture of the polar bear skin.








The valuable part of the InstaMeet is that with everyone using the same hashtag each person’s friends can easily see all of the images taken about the exhibit and perhaps inspire them to come see it for themselves.

Have you ever attended an InstaMeet?

Columbus EMP Anniversary Soiree in Pictures

Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate TWO YEARS of Columbus EMP last night!




Columbus EMP Anniversary Soiree

It’s that time of year again! We’re celebrating our SECOND anniversary! Join us at the Short North Pint House for food, drinks, and great conversation!

Come one, come all. Know someone excited about museums and history in Columbus? Bring them along too!

Date: Wednesday, September 24
Time: 6:00pm – whenever
Where: Short North Pint House
780 N High St
Columbus, OH 43201