Columbus Emerging Museum Professionals is a group of museum professionals looking to connect with their peers in the Central Ohio museum community.

What is EMP (Emerging Museum Professionals)?

The EMP group was started by a handful of the American Alliance of Museum’s emerging staffers who recognized that people new to the museum field needed a better roadmap for career development and networking. AAM expanded the idea of EMP to a national scale and there are currently active EMP networks in over a dozen cities across the US – including two in Ohio!

Am I an EMP?

Emerging Museum Professionals are museum or arts-related staff/employees that have been in the field for 10 years or less. This covers a wide range of people—from traditional museum staff to arts consulting firms, art students to teaching artists! If you are interested in this group, then you are in!

Is there an age limit to be an EMP?

Absolutely not! While many of our members might be in the first 10 or so years of their careers at-large, the EMP group is open to anyone who has spent 10 years or less in the museum field. For example, if you worked in marketing for a corporation for 25 years before switching to marketing for a museum last year, you are an EMP!

What can I expect from EMP?

The question is, what do you want from your EMP group? We can get what we want and need out of it for our local community—whether that be networking, professional development, or something else!

What can I contribute to EMP?

Your ideas, enthusiasm and community. We want to hear from all of you—what kind of experiences are you looking for? Do you have resources our group could use for an event or program? Maybe a venue or a great speaker? Finally, the most important things you can do is spread the word. The larger our network is, the better! If you are interested in planning an event or have a great idea—let us know!


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